Web hosting is a type of hosting service that serves individuals and organizations the opportunity to make their own web site accessible via the World Wide Web. So it is quite obvious thing that, if you want to setup a web site on the Internet, you will need a web host. 
Making the choice as to which type of web hosting you will need for your website is a crucial task. Spend a little time searching on the web and you will find several web hosting singapore providers from which you can pick any one according to your business niche or website requirements. There are various factors that you must consider while choosing web hosting company. The factors such as price, disk space storage, bandwidth, customer support, money back guarantee, operating system, backup, control panel, etc. 
People earn money on the web but it isn’t luck or good karma. It’s planning for success and if you’re just starting to think about taking the digital dive in to the world of Internet you must consider the mentioned factors about web hosting and choose the web hosting company wisely according to your exact requirements.

There are various types of hosting from which you can choose any one according to your business niche or website requirements. The types of web hosting are, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, business hosting, etc. In the web hosting, basically website is broadly classified into two main types one is business and other is personal website. The business website includes the types such as large ecommerce stores, corporate websites, etc. Whereas, personal website includes, hobby sites, blog sites, etc.

Nowadays there are certain web hosting companies out there from which you can choose one that would be preferable according to your business requirements.  Apart from the above mentioned factors there are few important factors that you must consider while purchasing any web hosting plan from web hosting providers.

Time in business:
This is the important factor that you can consider at the time of purchasing the web hosting plan from the hosting provider. If the web hosting company has been in business for several years, there’s better chance that it is a quality company.

This one is also important consideration while choosing a web hosting company for your business. The best way to figure out whether the specific web hosting company has a bad reputation or not is just by reading the reviews or comments from people that have used the service you’re interested in.

Customer service:
The customer service and technical support is another important consideration while selecting cheap hosting services. Always you need to make sure that whatever company you choose has 24/7 technical assistance through phone, email and live chat.

Choose a web hosting company that provides maximum features at an affordable price point. Features that you should consider are bandwidth, disk space, domains, etc. Apart from the mentioned features control panel plays a vital role to make setting up and managing your hosting account quick and easy.

When selecting a web hosting company, you should check if they offer any type of guarantee. There are so many web hosting companies that offer a general money back guarantee, if in case you’re not satisfied with their service.

The above mentioned are just few of the things you should consider while purchasing a web hosting plan from the service provider. Always make sure while selecting the type of web hosting plan from the hosting provider. Don’t just sign up with the first company that you find on the Internet. Instead of that choose wisely and take a good decision just by considering the above discussed points for the same.

MilesWeb is Singapore’s best web hosting provider that provides everything you need to build, host and manage a website in a more economical way. You can register your free domain with their Value and Unlimited hosting plan.

MilesWeb, MilesWeb Hosting, Free Domain Lifetime

 The leading web hosting company provides various features and services such VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, business hosting, etc. The Economy web hosting plan of the company starts at $1.65/month that includes 1 GB SSD disk space storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 10 email accounts, etc.

MilesWeb, MilesWeb Hosting, Free Domain Lifetime


The striking features of web hosting offered by MilesWeb are as follows:

·         Free Domain Name
·         Free SSL Certificate
·         Free Site Builder
·         Pure SSD Storage
·         Secure Email Accounts
·         cPanel Control Panel
·         1-Click Installer
·         Instant Account Setup
·         Latest PHP & MySQL
·         Global Data Centre
·         Free Website Migration
·         Malware Scan and Removal

Moreover, the web hosting company serves one-click installer tool from which you can install various apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, CubeCart, MyBB, Oxwall, etc.

So after considering the mentioned factors, if you’re looking for cheap web hosting company for your business in economical way then MilesWeb is the ideal choice for you.

MilesWeb Review: Singapore's Best Web Hosting Provider in 2019

Instant approval blog commenting sites list, dofollow backlink list

Instant Approval Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List | SEO is becoming more difficult day by day and if you don't want to get behind in the race of Rank #1 in the SERPs then You have to do Complete Off Page SEO with On Page SEO. Creating Backlinks for your URL is come in Off Page SEO and Blog Commenting is One of the biggest part of creating backlinks.

If you are unable to find any blogs for Blog Commenting then don't worry about that because in this article I am going to give you My personal list of 300+ blogs which I am using to get Dofollow Backlinks and by the same blogs You can get as well.

So, My Name is Lokesh Vijay and I am the owner of this blog and today I have taken to you a list of 300+ blogs to create do follow backlinks by Blog Commenting.

What is Blog Commenting?

If You are the owner of a blog and You don't know about Blog Commenting then You have to know about it because you are creating a big mistake but don't hesitate because no one is born with knowledge, we have to learn it and that's why here I am going to tell you that what is Blog Commenting.

Guys, Blog Commenting is a Method by that Blog Owners and their viewers interact with each other. Every blog owner allows blog commenting on his blog to see what his viewers think about his work and they work hard if the reviews of their viewers are negative to change them into positive.

Just like Youtube Videos have Comments Section and Creators check how they are doing by checking the comments similarly in the blogs there is comment section where viewers can give their reaction on that particular article.

If you go at the bottom of any article you see there is a comment section where you can share your reaction on the article and also there is a section where you can add your website link. This box creates a backlink for your URL.

It depends on the blog owner that he gives you Dofollow backlink or Nofollow backlink. If you don't know about Dofollow and Nofollow link then let me give you a little brief about them.

What are Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Guys, If you want to rank in the SERPs then your website/Blog should have both Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks. But Dofollow links are a big part in SEO and the more dofollow links you have the Higher you will rank in SERPs.

If you try to Inspect on any Url then it will show you like below:-
<a href="www.example.com" rel="Nofollow">Anchor Tag</a>

<a href="www.example.com" rel="dofollow">Anchor Tag</a>

<a href="www.example.com">Anchor Tag</a>

here you can see there are three types of URL you can see if you try to inspect in any URL. here the First One is NoFollow URL and Second and Third are Dofollow URL.

When you get a dofollow Backlink from any blog through Blog Commenting then when Crawlers of Google or any Search Engine Comes to crawl their article then by your do follow comment they also come at your URL and you get a referral URL for your URL and if the URL is Nofollow then Crawlers will not come at your URL, they will just check your URL and ignore it. Only a human can come on your website through a Nofollow link.

The more URLs Refer your URL the higher you will rank in the SERPs, this is why do follow links are Important Part of SEO but if you only create do follow links then Search Engine will take it as Spamming this is why you should create Nofollow links also. According to some great people, the resow of do follow and no follow links should be 75-25, means if you create 3 dofollow links for your URL then you should create one Nofollow link also.

As a summary, I want to tell you that when you go on a blog and read an article then you share your thoughts about that particular article in the comments and get a backlink for your URL called Blog Commenting.

I hope now you know what is Blog Commenting. Now let's learn that why you should do blog commenting because blog commenting have a big importance in SEO.

Why You should do Blog Commenting?

instant approval blog commenting sites list
blog commenting

Guys, Blog Commenting Plays an important role in SEO and Also you interact with the blog owner and you can make some friends by this way and maybe you both owner and viewer can work together in future.

When you comment on any blog then you receive a dofollow/nofollow backlink for your URL and this helps you to rank higher in SERPs and also it increases your Domain Authority(DA). 

When someone other who is also commenting there sees your blog then if he likes your comment then there are good chances that he can come on your blog through your link. So, Indirectly it increases your blog traffic.

You get to know new peoples, You get a good amount of link juice and your blog traffic increases, these are main benefits and this is why you should do regular blog commenting because it builds good relation between you and the blog owner.

Now, you have learned everything and let's go and get the list of dofollow instant approval blog commenting sites.

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites 

Guys, here I am going to share my personal list of do follow blog commenting blogs which I use regularly to get Quality do follow backlinks and to Increase my blog traffic.

You can Download it from here:

blog commenting, instant approval list, dofollow backlinks list,

In this package you will get an excel sheet which has 300+ blogs, You can go them One by one and read their articles and comment on them and get blog traffic, quality backlinks and increase your SERP rankings.


 In this article, I have shared knowledge about Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List. I hope you have liked this article and if you give a thumbs up to my work then do share this article on every social media. If you have any question then you can ask in the comments section.
Thank You!

300+ Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List 2019-20

Remove Url from Google,Outdated Content Removal,delete Url from Google Search

Remove Url From Google | If You are facing problem while removing any page from Google Search Results then this Article is for you Because in this article I will guide you to remove any Url from Google. In this article Tech With Logic teaches you how to remove a specific URL from the Google search engine.

Why You Need to Remove a Url from Google Search?

In today's time, there is very high competition to get rank high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and if you want to rank high then you have to analyze your competitors.

In Google Search, there is a lot of Outdated Content. 

Suppose You are Searching something in 2019 and any website who wrote about it in 2014 and now that thing is totally changed from the article that explained it.

That time this content called Outdated Content and if you want to Remove Outdated Content from Google to help other people so, they don't waste their time on it.

Sometimes when we click any search result then it shows an error saying this content not available now.

That time you have to Remove that result from Google Search Engine.

Also, When we see a Url on a search result that is inappropriate then we can request Google to remove that result from google search engine.

After requesting to remove any URL from google. Google manually analyze that URL and if it not good for search result or it is redirecting to 404 error page and if it is outdated then they remove it from Google Search Results within 3-4  hours.

If You are a blogger and you want to rank higher in SERPs then you have to analyze the whole search engine result pages and have to look that how your competitors are doing if any of the results is not available then you can request to remove that URL from the search result.

Because that will make higher chances for you to get up in the SERPs as one of your competitors will not be there so you will get one position up in the SERPs, that's how to remove URL from Google can help you to rank higher in SERPs.

Also if any page of your blog/website is not working then you should remove that page from google search because that can make your SERPs rankings down.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Remove Url from Google -:

If you want to delete any URL from google then follow all the below steps carefully and you will be able to remove any outdated content from Google.

So, let's start how you can submit a request for Outdated Content Removal.

Step 1 -

             First of all, you need to copy that Url, you want to remove from google. to copy that URL search that URL in google and then copy that from here.

Step 2 -

             Now Click on the below link and you will reach on a website like below photo and Paste that copied Url here and click on request removal.
                                                 Remove Url From Google Link 

Remove Url from Google,Outdated Content Removal,delete Url from Google Search

Step 3-

            After that, it will check if this Url is eligible to remove and if it is not available or has Outdated content then it will ask you for submitting a request to remove that Url from Google and then it will show as Pending on that Page.

Step 4-

              Now all you need to do is wait for 3-4 hours and employees of Google will manually check it and will remove it from google search result.

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Conclusion :

                               That's how you can Remove Url from Google. I hope you have liked this article and if you do then don't forget to share it on social platforms and if you have any questions about it then don't forget to ask them in the Comments Section.

How to Remove Url from Google Search?

 Blogger Templates for Job Portal

Best Blogger Templates for Job Portal Website | If you are looking for some of the best blogger templates for Job Portal Website to create a best looking, Responsive, Fast Loading, Mobile Friendly Job Portal Website on Blogger then you are at the right place because here in this article today I am going to tell you about two of the best Blogger to create Job Portal Website on Blogger.

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Why You Need Blogger Templates for Job Portal Website?

There are many scripts and themes available on the internet to create a Job Website on Wordpress or other Platforms but if you want to create Job Website on Blogger there are not many themes available.

Only two themes are available on the internet to create a professional looking Job Portal Website on Blogger and without them, you can not create a best looking Job Website on Blogger. 

In todays, time Job Website is one of the lowest competition niches and everyone is creating Job Website to earn more with doing less work. 

Because in today's time if you want to earn online then you have to do smart work more than hard work and if you create a Job Website then you have to do less work and in just a few months you will be earning 500-1000$ per month.

That's Why nowadays many people are creating Job Portal Website to earn more in less time but not everyone has that much money to buy hosting and costly themes especially beginners.

That's why they try to create Job Website on Blogger and to create a professional looking Job Website on Blogger, you will need a Professional looking Blogger template and that's why you need blogger templates for Job Portal Website.

With the help of these blogger templates, you will be able to create a professional Job website on blogger like Sarkariresult.com and Freejobalert.com

Yes, you read that right, you can create exactly same to same Job Portal website like top job websites with the help of these blogger templates of Job Portal Website.  

Free Blogger Templates for Job Portal Download

As I mentioned above there are two best blogger templates for Job Websites and here I am going to tell you about both templates.

Below are the two blogger templates that will help you to create a best Job Portal Website on Blogger.

1. InJob Blogger Template

InJob Blogger template helps you to create a professional looking Job Portal website on Blogger. Any type of creators can make amazing Job Website With this InJob Blogger Template.

It has all qualities to create a professional Job Website on Blogger. There is both Free and Paid version available of this template and I suggest you that choose the free version and work on it.

Below are Demo and Download Buttons. Check Demo and then Download

If you want to buy this InJob blogger template then check Sora Templates Website.                                

2. Best Result Blogger Template

Sarkari Result Blogger Template
Sarkari Result Blogger Template

Best Result Blogger Template is best blogger template to create a job website on blogger. It Provides you same design like Sarkariresult.com and Freejobalert.com . This template have one of the best design on blogger templates and the best part of this template is you can easily custumize it without having a headache of Html.

This is the perfect blogger template to create a job website on blogger and I suggest you that if you are thinking about creating a job website on blogger then make sure you should use this.

Below are the Demo and Download buttons of it. First check the demo then download it and if you want to buy it then here is the official website of it sora templates.

That's How you can create a Job Portal on Blogger.

Conclusion :-

                             In this article I have shared About Best Blogger Templates for Job Portal Website, I hope you really liked it.
Don't Forget to share it with everyone who needs it and share your thoughts about this article in the comments.
Thanks !

Best Blogger Templates for Job Portal Website

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone
We live in a modern age, an age where every single thought, every single imagination could become reality. Our technology is moving forward with tremendous pace and we can either turn our heads and be an outside spectator or join the revolution and enjoy everything that it brings to the table.

One of the most important things technology brought us were advancements in mobile technology. Meaning that our devices are now smaller and more powerful than they were 20-30 years ago. Just think about our smartphones (they weren't called that back then), just 30 years ago they were big bricks that could only make phone calls and send occasional messages.

Today, they are pocket-sized devices that can basically do anything. With the right apps installed you could edit your photos, manage social media accounts, convert documents, play desktop grade games, order food, the list is endless. Business people quickly realized their potential and started using them for all kinds of tasks that needed to be done quickly while on the go.

One of those tasks are document conversions. They used to be performed on powerful desktop computers, but now with technological advancements, we are able to convert documents right on our smartphones. Even the hardest conversions like the image to word can be performed with accurate end results. The only problem is finding a reliable Image to Word Converter app to do so.

What is Image to Word Converter ?

One of the apps that has given us the best conversion results was Image to Word Converter. It is truly a remarkable app, not only does it provide excellent conversion results but it is also extremely easy to use. Some of its most important features are:

  • - No limits on the size and the number of files you can convert
  • - Powerful document scanner with OCR
  • - Cloud service support (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more)
  • - Easy sharing feature
  • - Option to convert screenshots

Although we said earlier that the Image to Word Converter app is very easy to use, we decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to convert images to Word.

How to convert image to word using Image to Word Converter App ?

Step 1:

           First of all Download the app from the Play Store and install it.

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

Step 2:

Once the installation is complete, open the Image to Word Converter app and select an image you want to convert. You can select images directly from your smartphone gallery, Gmail attachments or previously mentioned cloud services.

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

And that's not all. You can also use the built-in image scanner to effortlessly scan images. In order to get the best possible results, we recommend scanning images on a flat surface without any visible background in Image to Word Converter.

Step 3:

In case you are not satisfied with the images you took, here you are able to rotate or crop them. Once you are finished with your editings, simply tap the "Convert" button and proceed to the final step.

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

 Step 4:

Just wait for the conversion to complete and you are good to go! The  Image to Word Converter app doesn't need to be open the whole time. Notification will pop up on your screen saying that conversion is complete meaning you can now open converted image in a text editing app of your choice.  

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

Conclusion -

Image to Word Converter app can be of great help when trying to convert pictures of invoices, reports, contracts, and other business documentation. It will also help you digitize your life by scanning thesis, notes or even cooking recipes for further adjustments. With all that said, we truly recommend having this app installed on your phone. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone?

The Importance of AMPs for Your Website

The Importance of AMPs for Your Website | AMPs HTML structure makes stripped-down adaptations of existing site pages with cleaner code that heap almost immediately.
AMPs are demonstrated equivalent to HTML5 with confinements dependent on JavaScript code. They work equivalent to content conveyance systems, which are allowed to utilize. What numerous individuals don't understand is that AMP's are stacked from a Google reserve and snaps are not coordinated to a distributer's local site.

AMP in the Mobile-First Era

We couldn't neglect to make reference to that Google did simply declare its mobile-first web list a year ago, which organized versatile pursuit over work area look. Google has urged all sites to make versatile benevolent site pages for mobile indexation so they don't get poor KPIs amid the change.

The impact that AMPs will have on portable outcomes is still also be seen. While AMPs are not being altogether embraced by most distributors, it doesn't imply that there are not some positive characteristics you can't make a difference to your very own site.

Utilizing AMPs for PPC 

  •         AMPs are not authoritatively accessible for paid promotions. Google won't stack advertisements that lead to AMP presentation pages from the store. This doesn't mean that we can't gain from AMPs to improve our ads work for us. Utilizing AMP's perfect code has been seen to reduce middle stacking time in non-stored pages by 54%, as per Google. 
  •  Wired magazine uncovered that when it utilized AMP code to publicize its items they got a 25% expansion in their CTR. Advertisements showed on AMPs likewise observed an expansion of 63% in their CTR. So Wired basically expanded its site guests by 25%, diminished their CPC all the while, and adapted on this code with a 63% expansion, not awful right? 
  • Regardless of whether we can't utilize AMPs for our PPC services presentation pages, it doesn't mean we can't utilize the code that makes AMPs so spotless and speedy. 

Entanglements of AMP

Sadly, AMPs are a beginning convention and continually being changed by Google. AMPs additionally contain strict principles, which imply if the convention is changed your AMP website page duplicate could wind up invalid and Google won't show invalid site pages. 

AMPs have an extremely restricted JavaScript library with various highlights still inaccessible. For instance, website admins can't execute frames on.'

There is likewise the topic of investigation. If pages are being pulled from a reserve, how are you expected to follow this? Google's AMP investigation has essential examination following, yet it's restricted and could disturb other local site page examination rates.

In the mobile-first world, AMPs appeared to be a conspicuous decision for some. In the quiet and passionless challenge, numerous industry verticals basically didn't roll out portable responsive improvements to their sites and still positioned exceptionally.

 While AMPs are a bit much for any site to adjust, there are still advantages to its expanded speed and 'over the crease' merry go rounds. All things considered, receiving AMPs pristine code could absolutely expand the CTR of both natural and paid site pages.

Author Bio

Naveen Kumar is the CEO and Founder of JDM Web Technologies. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing providing SEO, SMO web design and web development services. He has provided services across the globe.

The Importance of AMPs for Your Website

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